Helping Curve Technologies book meetings with their ideal target accounts

A leading workforce intelligence platform wanted to target its marketing efforts to key target accounts.

Their platform provides organizations with a comprehensive view of their people, project pipeline, and organizational growth. This gets them to build an optimal workforce strategy by offering actionable insights into their current and future staffing needs in relation to project demand.

This helps companies unlock reality, understand how it compares to the market and reach their full potential. The platform’s objectives are to optimize productivity and reduce risk.

Their challenge

Dry sales pipeline

The partner needed a steady stream of leads in its pipeline as the sales department was limited in its ability to attract new customers, especially large ones.

The Director of Sales from their team said they needed to generate quality leads, be more targeted, cut through the noise and move fast.

They wanted to get at least 20-30 people to request meetings with them and help create at least 5-7 opportunities each quarter in their sales pipeline.

What we did

Upon analyzing their position, we found that they had a good sales team but did not have a proper lead generation system set up in place. We just needed to step in and deploy our proven system to get things rolling. Understanding this, we set out the following actions:


Opening up new possibilities

We worked with the Curve Technologies team to refine their ICP, focusing less on tire kickers and more on the leads who can get the most value from our service.

To further our efforts, we expanded our pipeline to target new industries that the partner hadn’t tried. During the first few months, we channeled half of our efforts into testing a wide range of industries from Construction, Hospitality, Food & Beverages and Automotive.

Using our market research efficiency and significant legwork, we developed the contact list of their top prospect accounts, identifying roughly 6500 contacts as the primary targets for their outreach.


Nailing outreach content

To demonstrate the partner’s expertise and their full-service product solutions, our copywriters developed content that addressed all elements of the partner’s product.

We knew when it comes to attracting attention, unique content and its relevance are important. 

We supplied our target audience with valuable information that answered some of their long-time questions. We provided them with quick insights from the knowledge possessed by Curve Technologies’ team.

Working with the client, we developed a compelling call to action and made sure prospects noticed our message.


Explore creative pathways

Adhering to best practices while reaching out to prospects is a key requirement for outbound marketing at Elvator. 

However, there is always room for improvements and tweaks to help outperform and deliver better results. Working with the Curve Technologies team, we developed a creative approach that combined their unique vision with Elvator benchmarks. As a result, we reinvented our outreach template with a casual engaging tone compared to an earlier formal & courtly version.


Leads nurturing

We sent out a series of emails and worked on various titles. Then, campaign statistics helped customize the email copy, and the partner feedback shaped the workflow.

Our SDRs reached out to potential prospects via email, nurtured them in various ways, and influenced them into customer-centric conversations. Prospects responded positively and the Curve Tech team gained ground through lively conversations and engagement.

Key takeaways


  • Curve Technologies got more than 30 meetings with its target audience in the initial quarter of partnering with us.
  • They received strong positive feedback about the campaign as a whole, validating our account-based approach.
  • This also got them to build a strong brand presence among the customer base



  • Maximize your campaign responses with carefully planned cadences
  • Prospects don’t spend time on LinkedIn 24/7, but they do check their business inboxes on a regular basis. So it’s wise to send a reminder or two as seemed fit. You will be amazed by how many prospects respond to 2nd or 3rd follow-up.
  • You can make your marketing materials more creative by attaching case studies and articles related to your value proposition.


Overall, we not only saw an increased number of leads, which is critical in any sales process, but a sharp increase in lead quality as well. This is usually the result of precision targeting mixed with an irresistible value proposition that prospects immediately feel jumping on!