How Elvator grew Jade Automation's pipeline by creating qualified meetings

Jade Automation is helping Manufacturing companies automate critical production processes that increase productivity, improve safety, and enhance quality.


They are markedly confident about delivering flawless solutions all the way from installation to exceeding and excelling their customers’ expectations, every time.

Their challenge

Jade Automation reached out to us due to the following issues:


They were looking to explore machine-as-a-service offerings for MiR Fanuc-backed solutions as they saw it as a high-potential opportunity.


For years, new customers have found Jade Automation through referrals. Their online presence was low. They did not have business accounts on the most popular social media. As a result, they didn’t have the opportunity to reach potential customers through standard advertising campaigns on Meta and Instagram. Their only online resource was a landing page with a short description and a contact form. It wasn’t very competitive and didn’t make much sense driving traffic to this site.


So at that point the only way to find new prospects was to cold contact and make an appointment. Their team tried launching several email campaigns in order to generate leads but had no major success. The problems associated with collecting contacts, deliverability and email communication often lead to problems with their overall email strategy.


They needed to fix their lead generation challenge. They needed to set up continuous lead generation but didn’t know how to do it properly. 


Looking to find a solution, they asked us to help them build a lead stream to grow their business.

What we did

In marketing, any promotion starts with knowing your strengths and your target audience. Therefore, the first stage of our outbound included:

Research and Audience Segmentation

Jade Automation wanted to focus on a specific service. The first step was to search the partner’s ICP and filter out the best candidates. This process is a key part of any account-based marketing strategy required to build an organized sales process.

They helped our team understand how the machine-as-a-service offering works and what their ideal customers look like. This knowledge allowed us to better understand their target audience and helped in reaching out to the right accounts.

Expanding the pool of titles

To reach out to the right people, We studied the manufacturing companies and their distribution market. Then, the team defined the titles they wanted to go after — Engineering/Technical and Sales/Business Development. For each, our writers built separate campaigns with specific messages.

Why is that important?

  • Dividing your customer database and organizing it into segments can help you understand your priorities.
    • For example, you can create tier A prospects (those who have high potential interest in your product), tier B prospects (those who need a little more training before you can start selling), and so on.
      • This structure gives your marketing reps the freedom to navigate tasks and plan ahead, speeding up workflow and booking more meetings at the end of the month.
  • Having an Ideal Customer Profile allows you to save time on your research and build more productive campaigns that hit the spot for your target audience.
    • When you know who you target and what kind of strategies to use, you’re guaranteed to nurture high-value relationships that will elevate your business to a new level. 


Improving email deliverability

Our team made sure all emails were verified. We set up the right Domain Name Server settings and warmed up the domain before beginning any outreach. This is to ensure our emails land in the right inbox.


A/B testing

A/B testing is a major part of any outreach campaign to find the best product-market fit.

Elvator team diligently executes its proven methods and various outbound strategies to establish a product-market fit and generate qualified leads.

With the target prospects in mind, we started with highly accurate data and made sure to consistently A/B test different email templates.

Key takeaways

  • After A/B testing a few campaigns, our response rates increased by over 7%.
  • Soon, we were able to grow Jade Automation’s pipeline by creating qualified meetings, and setting the company up with the best possible prospects.
  • While we understand the wait can be frustrating, the pilot campaign generally takes 90 days to complete all A/B testing.