How we helped Avalance connect with their ideal Web3 developers and researchers in North America

Avalanche Web3 Foundation’s goal is to bring the adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions to more mainstream audiences by enabling high-performing, low-cost, and scalable transactions across a variety of use cases. 

To achieve this mission, the foundation needed to connect with top-notch developers and researchers to help advance their efforts further.

Avalanche Web3 Foundation required the support of lead generation agencies that could help them connect with developers and researchers in North America to help with their advancement plans. 

Their challenge

The blockchain industry is highly competitive, and skilled professionals are in high demand. Furthermore, blockchain technology is relatively new, and many developers and researchers lack the experience required. As a result, it is challenging to identify highly qualified individuals who could fit the foundation’s requirements accurately. 


Avalanche Web3 Foundation had made significant strides in the development of its blockchain platform. However, they needed to connect with developers and researchers with expertise in blockchain technology, consensus mechanisms, cryptography, and other key areas. The foundation recognized that engaging highly qualified individuals was critical to the platform’s success, and they needed help finding the right talent.


The foundation had already hired many developers, but they realized that they needed more numbers of highly qualified professionals to unlock their potential fully.

What we did

Here are a few key points on what we did:

Understanding the partner’s objectives

We began by working closely with Avalanche to understand their requirements and objectives fully. We analyzed the foundation’s project requirements, identified their desired candidate profiles, and defined the qualifications and characteristics of the ideal developer and researcher. Additionally, we conducted market research to identify potential candidates and opened up communication channels with them.


Setting up highly targeted campaigns

To accomplish our goals, once we identified individuals with highly relevant experience in blockchain technology we initiated personal one-on-one conversations. We used targeted outbound campaigns and bespoke messaging that had been designed to attract highly-qualified professionals with specific blockchain development backgrounds.


Creating a specialized landing page

Our lead generation campaign also incorporated the creation of a specialized landing page that highlighted the benefits of working with Avalanche while showcasing the development and progress of the blockchain platform. The landing page was optimized to capture the attention of individuals considered for recruitment. Additionally, the page captured insights on the requirements of candidates and what they perceive as qualities of an attractive opportunity.


Screening and candidate shortlisting

The Avalanche team then screened each candidate meticulously to validate their suitability for the role, reducing the number of candidates down to a shortlist. We conducted personalized interviews and provided feedback to Avalanche Web3 Foundation on potential candidates that could aid in the development of their blockchain solution. We also followed through with the selected candidates after their initial screening and resolved any queries they had throughout the recruitment process.

Key takeaways


  • The targeted messaging campaign, the creation of a specialized landing page, and personalized follow-ups culminated in the successful recruitment of several highly skilled individuals.
  • Our lead generation activities generated 1100+ unique views on the foundation’s landing page, with approximately 80% of job page visitors actively engaging with the content. The landing page’s unique features and details helped Avalanche Web3 Foundation in driving top-notch talent to take interest in their blockchain project.
  • Out of the initial 70 candidates that applied, 15 highly suitable individuals moved to the advanced stages of the recruitment process. 8 highly skilled individuals were successfully recruited out of those 15.

The recruitment process was highly effective as the newly recruited employees contributed significantly to the development of the blockchain platform. New recruits worked closely with the foundation’s existing team to develop and enhance their capabilities, resulting in increased development speed and more effective solutions.



  • Elvator’s activities were instrumental in getting Avalanche to connect with highly qualified developers and researchers that meet their requirements.
    • Elvator’s effective lead generation campaigns, extensive reach throughout North America, highly personalized and targeted messaging, and the creation of a specialized landing page contributed to the success of the recruitment process.


In the end, our continued collaboration together led us to witness the fruition of the newly hired individuals delivering excellent solutions and providing new ideas to help advance the blockchain platform. The recruitment process ultimately enabled Avalanche Web3 Foundation to stay on course towards achieving their blockchain project goals while navigating the highly competitive blockchain technology industry.