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Elvator's B2B Lead Generation Strategy Helps Altair Analytics Book 20 Appointments in 6 Months

Altair Analytics is a global organization that empowers businesses to compete by operationalizing Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence through secure, scalable and governed strategies.

The company provides data-driven insights across various industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Retail, and Telecommunications. Altair Analytics serves more than 25 clients in 5 countries worldwide.

Their challenge

Altair Analytics approached us with the objective of increasing their pipeline of potential clients in the Healthcare industry.

The company’s current lead generation strategy was not producing sufficient results, and they wanted to reach out to more potential clients.


Altair Analytics desired to be known as a market leader in data analytics and AI services for the healthcare sector. The company tasked Elevator with driving more qualified leads, scheduling more appointments, and improving their overall sales conversions.

What we did

Our approach to solving Altair Analytics’ challenge was a comprehensive B2B lead generation strategy, including three stages- research, targeting, and outreach.



To tailor the unique needs of Altair, our team developed a comprehensive marketing plan that started with market research, identifying to targeting their audience.

The first step was to understand the target audience and their needs. We conducted in-depth research on potential clients in the Healthcare industry to develop a detailed buyer persona. The research was based on specific criteria like size, location, job role, and the type of organization they worked in, among others.

This stage of research allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the Healthcare sector, the challenges they face, and how Altair Analytics’ services can be a valuable solution to those challenges.



The second step was to create a targeted list of potential accounts based on the research conducted in the previous stage. The next step was to define the ideal client for Altair Analytics and determine how they could be reached.

Our team leveraged LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Apollo to identify and build verified lead lists of decision-makers.



The final step was to execute the outreach campaign.

The team at Elvator deployed a strategic marketing approach that included identifying the clients’ pain points, needs, and desires. This information helped us create a highly customized and personalized message for each lead.

Our copywriters crafted tailored messages for each lead group to address their unique pain points and business needs and the targeted messages were delivered via email.

After nurturing potential clients and establishing their interest in working together, our team set up appointments with Altair Analytics for prospect meetings. We focused on highlighting the benefits of Altair Analytics’ services to potential clients, creating an opportunity for them to discuss the project needs and potential solutions to their identified business needs.

Key takeaways


  • Elevator’s B2B lead generation strategy helped Altair Analytics book 20 high-value appointments in six months.
    • Usually, the Healthcare industry is difficult to break into because of the nature of the industry and the market competitiveness. However, our highly targeted & personalized approach combined with Altair’s robust value proposition helped us reach potential prospects, and the results were highly impressive.
  • The campaign achieved a response rate of 19%.
    • Elvator’s customized messaging and account-based marketing approach had a significant effect on the response rate. The personalized approach allowed the campaign to achieve a high response rate and get the audience’s attention.
  • Out of the 20 appointments requested, 8 were converted into qualified opportunities. Altair Analytics was able to close three large deals from this campaign, which generated considerable revenue.



  • Elvator’s B2B lead generation strategy helped Altair kick start their objective of becoming a market leader in Data Analytics and AI service for the Healthcare sector.
  • Our comprehensive approach, from research to outreach, exemplifies the importance of a highly targeted and personalized approach. Each lead was approached with a tailored message, and that made an impact on the response rate.
  • The account-based marketing approach was deployed along with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and this proved to be an effective strategy to improve engagement rates. This approach allowed Altair to identify the decision-makers, connect with them, and build a relationship that helped them meet their objective.


Overall, Elvator’s B2B lead generation strategy allowed Altair Analytics to achieve a high return on investment (ROI) in a short time and set foot as a leader in their industry.