Elvator helps AR New York, a Marketing Agency to get more clients and boost revenue

The client is a US-based agency that empowers B2C firms with marketing solutions specializing in Pay Per Click marketing. 

They had a good experience working with Fintech Organizations to get them more exposure and reach revenue goals and wanted to explore this niche further.

Their challenge

With the onset of blockchain, the finance industry is getting major shifts, which has opened many opportunities in the finance sector. However, they faced a new challenge:

Attracting new leads. To continue to grow their sales pipeline, they lead a team of Business Development Executives. They lead outreach campaigns to prospects and ask for an opportunity to explain the benefits of their services.

But before they partnered with us, their team had to go through a long process. They had to qualify, contact and try to book meetings with purpose. Overall, they spent more than 70% of their time on the outreach process. This meant that they only spent 30% of their time actually talking to prospects.

Despite many opportunities, the client was not meeting their revenue goals through their Business Development efforts.


They had a single objective: Find and partner with Fintech firms using outbound marketing channels to meet their expansion plans.

What we did

A small pool of leads

Having expanded the client’s ICP to the US, Canada and Latin America, at the start of the project, the Elvator team estimated that we would be out of leads in 4-5 months. This niche is so narrow that finding enough companies in Fintech is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

But we pride ourselves on being creative, we brainstormed and found more lead sources. We searched for groups where Fintech leaders hangout and also crawled through dedicated conference websites that provide show schedules to obtain the names of the companies involved.


Selecting and identifying accounts

Working with the client and with thorough research, we identified ideal accounts across the targeted geographies.


Personalized outreach and nurturing

At Elvator, we practice account-based marketing and account-based selling. These techniques pay particular attention to B2B reach and personalization of B2B communications. That means each industry, each audience segment, and even each individual prospect in your sales funnel needs a personal and compelling sales message instead of a generic proposition.

We kick-started our personalized outreach campaigns, and with careful A/B testing, we started to receive intended sales-qualified leads (SQLs).


CRM setup

We worked with AR New York’s team to set up a customer relationship management system to track all prospects entering the sales funnel.

It’s important to know how prospects flow through the sales funnel, how long it takes to reach the next stage, what are the key factors that speed up this process, and what pitfalls prevent it. sales process. You can gain this knowledge by monitoring new leads and finding ways to document each step.


Website content update and UX changes

In addition to establishing a sales channel, we encouraged the client to update the website content that better resonates with our target audience. Also advised a few UX changes along with.

Why is that important?

  • With online sources, potential customers will definitely explore them. If they like what they see, they’re more likely to reply to your message and learn more about your expertise.
    • However, if the layout is not updated to meet the latest UX requirements or the share & social media buttons are not working properly etc, they start to worry about your business. All these together create a good first impression of your business.


Show our appreciation for the prospect’s reply

In addition, we made sure to process every negative response by crafting an appropriate email to show appreciation for their reply.

You should always react to your prospect’s response, even if it’s a negative one. It’s important to emphasize that clarity and understanding of your prospect’s status is important to you by showing how much they contribute to your workflow, you manage to build a positive communication that can evolve into a B2B relationship. Please explain why we decided to contact you. Another opportunity to showcase your unique value proposition.

However, it must be informational, not promotional. If prospects are unwilling to work with you now, that will only alienate them and destroy any future opportunities to work together.

Key takeaways


  • Targeted 3 different geographies
  • 35+ Sales Qualified Leads
  • Reached revenue goals within 7 months 



  • Organize your email marketing. Building a structure for your email marketing campaign is very important. Your plan should include prospect research, email deliverability, lead nurturing, appointment scheduling, and re-engagement. By outlining these stages, you’ll gather all the information that’s important to earning your prospects’ trust, sending your messages so they don’t get lost in spam folders, and filling your sales funnel with prospects.
  • Keep your communication smooth and natural. We were in constant contact with the partner and kept them updated on the progress. Our assigned SDR worked with their sales team to hand over data containing information about all pre-qualified leads to ensure the deal are closed.