Helping Streak Technologies, a SaaS Startup crack 3 deals within 90 days of working with us

Streak Technologies, a Saas based Startup provided tools for CEOs of mid-market companies to help them consistently achieve their growth priorities for new market entries. 

They had developed an innovative and well-effective product, however, like many startups, they found it a challenge to find their niche in the market and generate leads. While they consistently won business from their inbound channels, they had little success generating business from any outbound campaign.


The partner decided that they must expand their marketing channels to reach out to the decision-makers to reach their revenue goals.

Their challenge

Streak Technologies was facing a few key challenges when they first approached us. They attempted to conduct outbound marketing campaigns themselves but did not have the experience or the resources to devote to this task full-time.


Additionally, the company needed a more refined approach to its target market. Their product could be useful for a variety of businesses, but they needed to find the right businesses that would benefit the most from their solution.

What we did

As Elvator started working with Streak Technologies, we first analyzed their current sales funnel to identify areas of inefficiencies. Based on this analysis, we developed a customized lead generation plan to help the company achieve its business goals. Below are a few key points on what we did:

Developing a Targeted Prospect List

The first step was to identify the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and create a high-quality targeted prospect list. We worked with the Streak team to understand their product and the problems it solved and then identified potential companies that would benefit the most. We also looked at companies that were similar in size to their existing clientele and those that had a similar set of pain points.

After creating the ICP and building the targeted prospect list, we then utilized various lead generation tools to validate and verify the accuracy of the list. Our team used lead generation tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Apollo, ZoomInfo, and Hunter to verify the email addresses and LinkedIn profiles of each prospect listed.


Conducting Outbound Email Campaigns

Once the targeted prospect list was complete, we developed outbound email campaigns that spoke directly to the target audience. 

The value proposition of Streak Technologies’ product was highly personalized and specific to its target audience. Hence, we created highly personalized emails to address the specific pain points of each prospect. Our goal was to make the emails highly relevant to the recipients, so they would be more likely to respond.

We drafted a series of templates for the set of sequences to be sent to the prospects. The email content spoke about the relevant pain points, the possible solutions, and how solutions from Streak Technologies could help solve those problems. The goal of the initial email sequence was to establish a connection with the prospect and pave the way for a follow-up.

For follow-up emails, we tracked the response rates and made specific changes to customize the email content to the recipient’s needs. This strategy ensured that each email was highly personalized and reinforced Streak Technologies’ value proposition.


Leveraging LinkedIn for Prospecting

As a multi-channel approach, we also leveraged LinkedIn as a platform to reach out to potential prospects. We do this to double down the effectiveness of the efforts. 

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for identifying decision-makers within an organization who have decision-making power. They can provide us with specific insights into their company’s pain points, their organizational structure and future goals. This can help to tailor the message to their needs and create stronger connections.

We created personalized outreach messages on LinkedIn to establish connections with decision-makers and schedule virtual meetings. The goal of these meetings was to learn more about the company’s pain points & business goals and showcase how Streak Technologies’ product aligned with those needs.

Key takeaways

With the above strategies in place, Elvator helped Streak Technologies achieve the following results:

  • Three New Clients within 90 Days. Elvator’s customized lead generation strategies resulted in Streak Technologies closing three deals within the first 90 days. These deals were worth a significant amount of revenue for the company.
  • Consistent and Predictable Lead Flow. Elvator’s approach resulted in a consistent flow of leads to the sales team. We were able to identify the most effective channels and messaging to attract the right prospects. This helped Streak Technologies to achieve its goals and generate revenue consistently.
  • Increased Awareness and Visibility. Finally, Elvator’s lead generation strategies helped Streak Technologies achieve greater visibility and awareness of its product in the market. The outbound email campaigns and LinkedIn outreach helped to create a buzz around the company and encourage more leads to move through the sales funnel.



  • Elvator’s customized lead generation strategy provided Streak Technologies with a predictable and streamlined way to attract and convert new business clients. The company was able to gain more visibility in the market, attract the right prospects, and ultimately close three deals within just 90 days of working with us.
  • Our multi-channel approach, utilizing outbound email campaigns, LinkedIn outreach, and prospecting tools such as Apollo and ZoomInfo, enabled Streak Technologies to gain a consistent flow of quality leads to their sales team.
  • We developed a strong targeted prospect list, customized messaging, and made personalized follow-ups. These efforts helped position Streak Technologies as a valuable solution to potential customers’ problems.


At Elvator, we are committed to delivering personalized, effective lead-generation strategies to help businesses achieve their goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business to grow and succeed.