Case studies

Please see how we have been helping a few of our partners recently

How Elvator helped Avalance connect with their ideal Web3 developers and researchers in North America​

Read this case study to see how the recruitment process at Avalanche resulted in the successful hiring of highly skilled individuals who significantly contributed to the development of the blockchain platform.

Helping Clean Watt, a Sustainability Tech Startup with their business expansion

See how we built a lead list, created customized email templates, tested multiple copies, and monitored important metrics, resulting in an increasing number of positive responses and 35 bookings during the outreach period.

Helping Curve Technologies book meetings with their ideal target accounts

See how Elvator helped Curve Technologies gain over 30 meetings in the first quarter, a strong brand presence, and increased lead quality.

How Elvator grew Jade Automation's pipeline by creating qualified meetings

See how Elvator helped Jade Automation overcome their lead generation challenges and grow their pipeline by creating qualified meetings through targeted audience segmentation, improving email deliverability, and A/B testing.

Helping Streak Technologies, a SaaS Startup crack 3 deals within 90 days of working with us

See how Elvator helped SaaS startup Streak Technologies generate consistent leads and close 3 deals within 90 days through a customized multi-channel approach including outbound email campaigns and LinkedIn outreach.

Elvator helps AR New York, a Marketing Agency to get more clients and boost revenue​

See how Elvator helped AR New York, to reach revenue goals within 7 months by organizing their email marketing and achieving 35+ Sales Qualified Leads.

Elvator's B2B Lead Generation Strategy Helps Altair Analytics Book 20 High Value Appointments in 6 Months​

See how Elevator’s B2B lead generation strategy helped Altair Analytics generate significant revenue, through a highly targeted and personalized approach based on market research, targeting, and outreach.